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/Why Ocean Cove Seafood?

Ocean Cove Seafood has been serving the East Coast since 1998. Based on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, our company plants, raises and harvests quality clams and oysters for wholesale directly from the pristine waters of the Chesapeake Bay.

As an experienced shellfish wholesaler, we’re committed to providing the freshest clams and oysters to distributors along the entire coast. Orders are harvest, graded and packaged by hand and shipped within 24 hours to provide the best product available to restaurants and seafood markets. When you order from us, you know you’re getting the best the Eastern Shore has to offer.


Our team only uses natural farming processes throughout the growth cycle. We hand pick all shellfish to minimize any negative environmental impacts and to maintain sustainable population levels, thus ensuring the highest quality while rebuilding the marine ecosystem.


Shellfish farming is extremely challenging labor. From spawn to harvest to sorting and processing, our hard working team keeps a steady hand on all operations to guarantee a superior product to all clients. It goes without saying that we put a lot of love toward raising the best the shore has to offer.


Many believe farmed oysters taste better as wild oysters often lead a life of hardship, struggling for nutrients. Our shellfish are stuffed with a steady stream of food and placed in a comfortable, controlled environment where our unspoiled waters lend a clean, salty flavor to the final product.



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