Quality Clams & Oysters

Since 1998, we have continued to perfect the aquaculture of wholesale clams and oysters. Orders are harvested, graded, and packaged by hand every morning and shipped that afternoon to provide the freshest product available to restaurants and markets across the East Coast. When you order from Ocean Cove, you know you’re getting the best.



Sustainable Acquaculture

Our clams and oysters are raised using an all-natural aquaculture process in the nutrient rich coastal waters off of Virginia’s Eastern Shore. All of our shellfish are hand picked to minimize environmental impact and maintain sustainable population levels, ensuring the highest quality product while helping to rebuild the Chesapeake Bay marine ecosystem.



Restoring Our Environment

Clams and oysters play an important role in the Chesapeake Bay as natural filters that feed on excess nutrients in the water. This natural cleansing process allows more sunlight to reach the sub-aquatic bottom and promote the growth of naturally occurring grasses that support a vibrant marine ecosystem


We do not use any chemicals and because we harvest only the clams and oysters that we planted as seed, there is no danger of overharvesting. With a commitment to sustainable aquaculture, we’re working to restore the Chesapeake Bay one shellfish at a time.



Available from Maine to Florida

You can find our premium clams and oysters at a variety of restaurants and seafood markets throughout the East Coast. Every order is picked in the morning, moved to a cold room for grading and packaging, and shipped in refrigerated trucks that afternoon. Our harvesting, grading, and packing are all done by hand to provide fresh, high quality clams and oysters from Maine to Florida.



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