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Serving the East Coast Since 1998

We have continued to perfect the planting, raising and harvesting clams and oysters in the pristine waters of Virginia’s Eastern Shore since 1998. As a growing aquaculture shellfish wholesaler, Ocean Cove Seafood is committed to providing the freshest high quality clams and oysters to distributors along the entire East coast. Orders are harvested, graded, and packaged by hand every morning and shipped within 24 hours to provide the freshest product available to restaurants and seafood markets up and down the East Coast. When you order from Ocean Cove, you know you’re getting the best.

One of the Eastern Shore’s most important economic activities, we’re proud to be a part of the growing aquaculture industry. Working the water provides livelihoods for many local families, from traditional fishing and crabbing to the innovative process of farm-raising clams and oysters. But more importantly, aquaculture provides a natural, sustainable source of shellfish that play an important role replenishing the marine ecosystem of the Chesapeake Bay. We feel it is our responsibility to follow the safest operating practices to ensure the longevity of the Eastern Shore environment and coastal community’s way of life for future generations.


Our clams are raised in the Chesapeake Bay or the Seaside of the Eastern Shore, creating two unique flavor profiles for our customers to choose from. Years of refining our process has resulted in clams with maximum size and taste. One of the many benefits of aquaculture, we’re able to provide clams with consistent quality on a continuous basis to customers along the East Coast.


The prize of the Chesapeake Bay, we raise oysters from seed to mature in the nutrient-rich waters of the Magothy Bay. A protected nature preserve off of the Chesapeake, the Magothy Bay offers pristine waters for rapid oyster growth and maximum flavor. A labor-intensive process, we regularly turn and separate oysters to ensure every order contains quality product with a uniform size and shape.

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