Ocean Cove Seafood has both the Littleneck and Middleneck varieties of clams available fresh from the waters of the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Littleneck refers to the size of the clam at harvest, with littlenecks being the smallest of the hard clams sold. Some call littlenecks “pasta clams” and for good reason because they are perfect for eating raw, steaming, and grilling!



Ocean Cove Seafood has both offerings of Seaside and Bayside oysters. Seaside oysters have been raised on the Atlantic Ocean side of Virginia’s Eastern Shore, giving them a robust salty full flavor that gives away where they are “from” right away. But don’t let them fool you, their salinity is not their only attractive attribute. Though these oysters pack a salty punch on the front-end they finish very sweet and buttery as you savor them past the natural salt.

If you jump over the shore from the Seaside, you find yourself in the creeks and tidal waters of the bayside of Virginia’s Eastern Shore, where Bayside Oysters call home. These oysters are harvested from waters with much lower salinity. Ocean Cove Bayside Oysters are known for balancing the salty and the sweet perfectly, with just a hint of ocean tastes and a clean finish.