Clams & Oysters

Why Farm Raised?


In recent times, the term “Farm” has been villified when pertaining to the seafood industry. Headlines declare that farm-raised fish and bivalves are chock full of harmful antibiotics and steriods and that pesticides and diseases run rampant in overcrowded fish farms. While some of the this may be true of other fish (like Salmon), oysters and clams stand out among their seafood cousins in farm-raised freshness.




Benefits of farm raised shellfish include the ability to provide a consistent quality on a continous basis. Size and taste are the most important aspects of a high quality clam. We have diversified our clam raising to include both the Chesapeake Bay and the Seaside of the Eastern Shore. This allows us to provide top notch products for all of our customers




Oyster farming is just like making wine. When you stand out in the middle of an oyster patch, it feels like a vineyard. Just as grapes are plotted to get the most sun possible, each row and box of oysters is positioned to maximize exposure to the natural tidal currents. Oyster farmers call it a “merrior”. When you eat an oyster you taste the water it’s been grown in.



Environmental Sustainability



Ocean Cove Seafood is dedicated to providing seafood that has a positive environmental impact. Aquaculture of clams and oysters is an ecologically replenishing practice. Clams and Oysters are filter feeding shellfish. They are an important part of the marine environment. They are responsible for the removal of excess nutrients in the water through filtration.


By keeping the water clean, more sunlight is able to reach the sub-aquatic bottom, which assists with the growth of naturally occurring grasses.  Because we harvest only the clams and oysters that we planted as seed, there is no danger of overharvesting. There is no use of chemicals in the aquaculture of clams. The process of growth is natural as our clams and oysters feed in the same waters as which their wild counterparts feed.

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